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8 October 2020
Climate Smart Mobility 1:1 Networking and Webinar

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Nordic EV Summit 2020 - POSTPONED TO  October 8th - 9th 2020

Due to the spread of the virus COVID-19, Norwegian health authorities has decreed the cancellation of all public events with more than 500 people.

As a consequence, the Nordic EV Summit will not take place in April and the event will be rescheduled to the fall. The Nordic EV Summit is now expected to take place at October 8th and 9th, With the same theme and equally high ambitions. 

Innovation Norway has decided to also postpone the matchmaking and reception happening in connection to the Summit. The matchmaking and recpetion will be carried out as planned at the Summit. 

Your profile will be kept online and stay valid for the autumn event.
1:1 Meetings (if any) will be moved to the new date.

Your registration is appreciated. Thus, please register and publish what kind of deals or collaboration you are offering or looking for.

Once the new event date has been fixed all registered participants will be informed by mailing.Participants can cancel participation at any time in case the new date doesn’t fit. Booking of 1:1 meetings will be reopened 3-4 weeks before the event.

About the Matchmaking Event:

By attending the Matchmaking Event taking place during the Nordic EV Summit 2020 you enhance your opportunities to find partners from the EV sector during 15 minute meetings.

By signing up for the Matchmaking Event, you will recieve a 20% discount voucher for the main event. You will also get a free entrance to the reception hosted by Innovation Norway, that is taking place after the matchmaking. 

The matchmaking is a side event to the Nordic EV summit 2020 and it is free of charge.

About the main event: 


The International Energy Agency predicts the number of electric cars in the world could be as high as 220 million units by 2030. All of them must be charged with renewable energy. The main topic for Nordic EV Summit 2020 is “Entering the Electric Era”, and takes on a global perspective along the following four central themes:  

  • EV Policies around the world
    EV poicies are sprading around the world with Norway taking the lead. What are the different national and regional Ev policy measures, and do they work?
  • Energy of tomorrow
    Is electrification of the transport sector a problem or an opportunity to speed up the transition to renewable energy?
  • Battery technology and volume
    How do we make EV-batteries cheaper, lighter, more effective and more friendly to the environment?

  • Mass-production
    Are the international car manufacturers ready to turn fast enough or will newcomers take over the elctric car market?

The different activites and themes will also be divided into three areas:

  1. Land- How can all cars, tractors, trucks and buses become zero emitters through batteries?
  2. Sea - Ships, ferries and boats: How fast will seaborne transport become electrified?
  3. Air  - Small electric planes are here. When can we choose them on national and even international flights?

Nordic EV summit 2020 will gather policymakers from national and local authorities in the Nordic countries, representatives from the Nordic EV industry, relevant research communities and last but not least the user groups. The Summit will be an important networking arena for stakeholders. You will also get updates on how Nordic industry, research communities, policymakers and citizens together can create a sustainable mobility sector.

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